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Change the LogLevel on ESX Server


Wen es nervt, das der ESX Server zu viele Infos in die Logfiles schreibt, die meistens vom hostd Prozess kommen, kann hier nachlesen, wie man den Log Level heruntersetzt.


The following are the configuration files for hostd and vpxa


Log Level

The level of logging can be changed to these listed levels for either hostd or vpxa:

none (Disable logging)
error (Errors only)
warning (Errors and warnings)
info (Normal logging)
verbose (Verbose)
trivia (Extended verbose)

Hostd LogLevel

For hostd, find the "level" entry under the "log" area and enter the keyword for the level of logging desired.


VXPA LogLevel

For vpxa, find the "log" area and insert an entry like the following specifying the log level desired if an entry has not been added at an earlier time; otherwise modify the entry as above. There is not a default entry currently in the installed version.


Logfile Size

The amount of data collected can be controlled by specifying the number of log files to keep and the size (in bytes) of those files. These entries can be added to either the hostd or vpxa configuration files in the "log" area, Modify the variables to desired magnitudes.


Restart Services


Once the hostd configuration file has been modified, restart the hostd service with

service mgmt-vmware restart

or if the vpxa configuration file was modified, restart the vpxa service with

service vmware-vpxa restart


You can restart the Management Service from the ESXi Console.