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What is lookout community?

In a future version of lookout, there will be a feature called lookout community ... but what is lookout community?
lookout community is a collection of user contributed webcams and is delivered as a service to each local lookout environment - in fact it's a special category which appears in the category-selector shown in the user frontend. By selecting this category, all contributed webcams will be loaded remotely and shown with image and title.

How can a user contribute a new lookout community webcam?

Thats really easy: whenever a webcam is added through a hosted lookout environment admin-interface, there's a checkbox for automatic publishing with URL and title to the lookout community.

And what about privacy?

We also thought about privacy! First: it would be possible to deactivate the lookout community feature for a local lookout environment globally; this will remove the lookout community publishing checkbox in the admin-interface. User-frontend is not affected by this, so you can still have a look into other contributed lookout community webcams... no big deal :) Second: if a webcam is contributed to the lookout community, the real URL is never shown to public users; here we are using the same technique as in our webcam-fetcher module.