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Lookout API

With lookout version 0.5-1 a basic data interface API was implemented - currently it's possible to get the data of all listed webcams as XML, JSON or Atom RSS Feed.

  • XML: api.php?type=xml
  • JSON: api.php?type=json
  • Atom RSS Feed: api.php?type=atom

Since v0.7-1a the API will interpret the newly introduced webcam fetching mode and therefore format the webcam URL's correctly!



PHP Version

lookout is written in PHP and uses all kind of OOP features which are available since PHP 5 - therefore a PHP version equals or greater than 5.0.0 is required and all versions below are not supported.
You can get the latest (or a supported) PHP version > here <.

PHP MySQL Support

In order to use a MySQL server to store data in, your PHP installation should be one with built-in MySQL support.
Normally MySQL support is enabled by default; otherwise (or for a manual PHP installation) see the > PHP installation manual <.
There are some PHP configuration parameters which should set correctly (default values):

mysql.allow_persistent = 1 #http://www.php.net/manual/en/mysql.configuration.php#ini.mysql.allow-persistent
mysql.max_persistent = -1  #http://www.php.net/manual/en/mysql.configuration.php#ini.mysql.max-persistent
mysql.max-links = -1       #http://www.php.net/manual/en/mysql.configuration.php#ini.mysql.max-links

For further information see > here <.

Write permission

To save the DB connection information entered in step 2 of the wizard, lookout needs writing permissions to it's file lib/inc.db.php.
So you have to change the write permisions, so the apache httpd user could write that file:
On Debian based Systems:

chown www-data.www-data lib/inc.db.php

And on Red Hat based Systems:

chown apache.apache lib/inc.db.php

or you could give it world writeable permission, which is not so secure:

chmod o+w lib/inc.db.php


For a better usability and some client-side actions, javascript support is required and shouldn't be disabled or restricted.
Here the setting for Firefox:


and for Internet Explorer:

IE-JavaScript-1.PNG IE-JavaScript-2.PNG

For further informations look here


Attention you need to do this first:


Admin Panel

With the admin panels you can manage all the stuff for the frontend:

  • Create new users
  • Manage you Webcams