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Der Inhalt dieser Seite ist veraltet, der Inhalt nicht mehr korrekt, oder das Projekt wird nicht mehr weiter fortgeführt. Bei Fragen, bitte an den Author wenden.
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GlobeView (previously known as LookOut) is a tool, where you can see your favourite web cams on one site. So you can see where the sun is shining, or where it's raining at a glance. And with the actual Version you could see a weather forecast for this location, too. There is a backend where you can administrate your webcams. The only things you need is a Webserver with PHP and MySQL database.
If you want more informations, keep on reading :-)


  • Webcam overview site
    • support for picture webcams
    • support for live stream webcams
    • automatic web cam refresh
    • see full size of the webcam picture/video when you click on it
    • filter showed webcams based on category
    • show actual weather and a 5 day weather forecast (powered by Yahoo Weather)
    • Slideshow button
    • Admininterface button
  • Slideshow
    • Fullscreen webcam diashow
  • Administration panel
    • password protection
    • add and delete webcams (URL, Category and Name of the webcam, and Yahoo Weather ID)
    • create Webcam categories
    • webcams with multiple categories possible
    • manage user accounts
  • General
    • abstract database layer to support any kind of data-backend (* MySQL already implemented; maybe others like MS SQL, SQLlite, ..)
    • template based designs for front- and backend
    • data interface API (XMl, JSON, Atom RSS Feed) (API Help)
    • dynamic slide-show gallery (based on all webcams)
    • fullscreen slide-show (based on all webcams) & optimized mobile overview (* on devices which support HTML meta viewport tag)
    • webcam fetching mode [direct: original webcam URL / fetch: GlobeView fetches the images based on webcam ID (no URL is visible to the user; e.g. webcamfetcher.php?webcam=123)]
    • reduced max. URL length to 320 chars (MySQL unique key length issue) & optimized add webcam form (category "nothing special" is selected per default)
    • introduced support for mms:// handler (e.g. mms://<server>:<port>/<path>)
    • db structure changed (switch back from InnoDB to MyISAM cause of some query dependencies)
    • update check & info in admin GUI
    • integration of yahoo weather per webcam
    • multiple themes available (twentythirteen / big thx & © to Andreas)
    • planned [> 0.9] GlobeView community
    • planned [> 1.0] implementation of session management without apache auth module, GUI improvements and many more

GlobeView Bugs and Feature Requests

here you can find the "ToDo" list of GlobeView.

GlobeView @ Sourceforge

All the codes, Bugs, Tickets and Discussions are hosted in our sourceforge project:

GlobeView @ Sourceforge logo.png


comming soon!
Released Version 0.1:


  • Webserver (e.g. apache2)
  • PHP >= 5
  • MySQL Database >= 5.0
  • HTBasic Auth module


  1. Check the Requirements
  2. Download the newest archive, extract the files and upload them to your vhost/ server destination folder
  3. Check if subfolder templates_c is writable (* if not, make it writeable!)
  4. Check if file lib/inc.db.php is writable, because the wizard will add needed entries here (* if not, make it writeable!)
  5. Create a MySQL DB for your new GlobeView installation (optional: add a new GlobeView MySQL user if you don't want to use root)
  6. Now you can start the installation wizard by opening your loookout location (e.g. http://yourhost/GlobeView/); the step by step wizard should start automatically

More Informations about the install process here:

Ready to start

If there're no errors you should get a empty GlobeView startpage by opening the GlobeView URL in your browser (e.g. http://yourhost/GlobeView/ or http://GlobeView.domain.tdl).
Now go to the admin interface by clicking on the yellow/red shield symbol in the right upper corner. Log in with your GlobeView user and start adding new webcams to your GlobeView frontend.
First create some Categories:

  • Image fehlt

and then you can create your webcams:

  • Image fehlt

For example:
Title: Fellhorn
Type: choose image
Check Category
make sure everything is valid and click save webcam. DONE!

So, if you have questions or any ideas to make GlobeView better, feel free to mail us:


The help files are located here: GlobeView - Help

GlobeView Corporate Design

Alles zum Corporate Design von GlobeView findet ihr hier:


GlobeView is under the Apache License, Version 2.0: